The Crisis of Modern Civilization

Growing up in the modern industrial age, few in the wealthy countries even think of questioning the massive system they are born in. Many things about life in the United States are better than what we see in “developing countries” that most of us view what is going on as good. We accept the negative aspects of modern life as necessary to have the good things as well. Religion and science play a major role in keeping us within the approved of boxes, going to work and raising families. The conversation of examining exactly what civilization is, let alone what industrial civilization is, will not be a topic that is encouraged in most circles. Religion tells you God created all of this and that you should obey the political leaders of whatever country you are in. Science tells you that technology is a good things and will fix all problems in society eventually.

Violence is seen as something only the police and military should do, and the military is given the lions share of the budget and the Military Industrial Complex sees to it the military has the latest military hardware to use in any contrived conflict the government can cook up. If citizens destroy a building or commit any form of perceived violence against the corporate state or the government, they are viewed as “terrorists” and are given severe sentences. The federal government has effectively silenced the voices of protests against unchecked war and rape of the earth. The result of that of course leads to a faster decline of modern society as the natural resources are used up.

Many activists and green anarchists have seen what is going on and been forced to sit back rather than face serious prison time and possible death at the hands of the state. The internet is hardly a secure place to be anymore, as the federal government has the ability to break in and view many things they should not be able too. What is very clear to a growing number of anti state people is that the American government is fascist in many aspects and you only have to look at what happens to whistle blowers to have that point hammered home.

Terence McKenna saw a crisis like this coming back in the 80’s and 90’s and in many of his talks he warned that civilization would either go into the abyss of extinction due to not waking up in time or would break out of its paralysis. John Zerzan has been sounding the alarm for decades now, writing books that single out and flog many parts of civilization, such as agriculture, division of labor, domestication, time, technology, even language and a slew of other trademarks of civilization. Another prolific writer is Derrick Jensen, who has rejected anarchism, yet in his books he calls for dams to be blown up and radio towers to be destroyed, so there is obviously a conflict going on within him which I can understand. Kevin Tucker is another writer and activist who is clearly anarcho primtivist.

As for me, I never could accept the core principles of modern life here in America. I do not like corporations and never have. I have never saw any reason why people need to be ruled over by other people. Sure, having small leadership on a tribal level is fine, but that is far different than what is going on in the United States and other countries. The earth, after a mere 200 years under industrial civilization, is at the breaking point. Massive droughts are plaguing the poor countries of the earth, and will soon spread to the not so poor countries. As of right now, anarchists are unable to do much in the US, but that will change as society starts to collapse and the government is no longer able to maintain control.

The american dollar is on the verge of collapse and many have been preparing for it. But there will be no replacing it. There will be no saving the credit system. Anarchists must put aside their differences and focus on their common enemy, the state. But in my view, most anarchists do not view corporations as the enemy, only the state. But there is no difference at this point, top banks have people in top positions of power in the federal government. The banks and corporations run the government. Both have to be destroyed but few anarchists can imagine how that will happen outside of a long, slow collapse. I mean sure, an EMP could be set off over the US, wiping out all electronics and eliminating most everyone not already off grid and living primitively. In my view it would take a move from China or Russia to do something that would collapse the dollar.

I will take an aspect of civilization and focus on it every blog post. This was just a general opening rant.